Blue Mountains Counselling & Psychotherapy

Since 2003, Rosita Inghamn has provided a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space to explore difficulties you may be having in all aspects of your life. You do not need a referral and your records will not be accessible on the national medical register. Each person is an individual and deserves to be treated that way. Sessions are tailored specifically to your individual needs not a specific modality.

Rosita deeply cares about and has worked extensively in helping people dealing with the psychological demands of their relationships with their partners, adult children and grandchildren, family and work place relationships etc. recognising that you are overstretched in everyday life and how to keep reserves up your sleeve. Finding balance. Negotiating relationships. Focusing on: Prevention, Intervention, Damage Control, Crisis Management.

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Individual Therapy

Each person is an individual with their own very unique circumstances. Too much emphasis is focused on diagnoses and medication rather than an individuals personal life challenges and the very real reasons you may be feeling depressed or anxious without being assessed with mental illness. Everyone has the right to their very own personal experiences of their own circumstances and the effect it is having on them without judgement. Learning to understand repeated life patterns and understanding where they come from can be the beginning of future change.


Couples can often loose their way in the everyday busyness of life and home matters. Arguments happen around money, work, chores, sex, family but it's often deeper than that. Rosita offers a safe place for you as a couple to explore what is really happening in your relationship with an opportunity for safer communication. Couples can stagnate with the same way of arguing in the only way they know how. Learn how to negotiate a healthier relationship.

Parents & Grandparents

Being a parent to your adult children can be difficult. Being the adult child to your parent can also be difficult. Many Grandparents play a much larger role in the care of their grandchildren these days. Rosita can help you to find ways of negotiating your relationship with your adult child, or vice versa with your parent under these circumstances without straining the relationship.

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Separation and Divorce

If a relationship is really beyond repair find a way to negotiate your separation with integrity and dignity with as little damage to yourselves and those around you as possible. Revenge and pay back never turns out well even though it may feel good for a minute, it won't in the end and has no good results. Find your way through these difficult times ethically and with support.

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